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What To Do During Masters Week ... How About Actually Play Golf?

We will witness one of the great spectacles in the world of golf this April: The Masters. But for most people with Masters tickets, you'll be choosing between watching golf and playing golf.

The mystique of Augusta National. There's nothing quite like it. There are people who have been attending Masters rounds for decades. There are also people who have been in the lottery for decades and have never been able to get tickets. There are some great reasons the Masters are such a phenomenon. And we enthusiastically applaud those who through perseverance, grit and determination have finally obtained tickets! Enjoy.

Maybe you'll enjoy watching coverage of the Masters on TV or online. Maybe sweeping vistas and even aerial shots of Augusta National will inspire you to play more. We hope so! And maybe you're one of the few, the lucky, who will actually be in Augusta. Bravo!

Then again, maybe you're like us, and you just want to play.

If you're looking for a unique golf experience not too far from Augusta, how about Monticello or Tara? We have two lakefront 18-hole courses, and we're about a 45-minute drive from Augusta. Each of our courses is equipped with a pro shop and a restaurant. What's more, you will actually be able to lock in and afford a tee time during Masters Week.

Include actually playing some golf in your Masters plans!

Take the scenic route from Augusta up to Savannah Lakes Village and play the lake. Request a tee time online or call 800-332-0013.