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Mixing Golf & Business (Part 1) | Buzz on Bizz News, October 2011
 Excerpt from Buzz on Bizz News  |  October 2011


  |  Director of Golf, Savannah Lakes Village & Golf Clubs

Over the years I have had the good fortune to work at variety of clubs that ranged from resorts to some of the very exclusive.  It has given me the opportunity to play socially with people that depended on their next paycheck and people with net worth’s in the hundreds of millions and be comfortable with both.

If you have any intentions of using golf as networking tool you must understand the dynamics of the situation.  Potential clients or business associates are watching how you conduct yourself on the golf course just as they would in any other social situation.  That is why it is extremely important to have good knowledge of the basic rules and to know golf course etiquette.  The USGA website www.usga.org is a great source for all that information, but my personal favorite is The National Golf Foundation at www.ngf.org.  Theirs publications are much less formal.

It is a good idea to let the other person set the tone for the day of golf.  Some people are very casual in the clubhouse, but take their golf seriously.  Others are casual all the time and still others are serious all the time.  I have found that the very powerful generally fall in the first category.

Another important item is the quality of your golf game.  No one enjoys spending the day looking for someone else’s golf ball.  If you plan on using golf as a business tool, you need to be enjoyable to play with.  This doesn’t mean you have to be a single digit handicap.  Playing with a bogey golfer can be very enjoyable.

My advice is to find a teaching professional to help you with your game.  You will get a lot more value for your dollar spending your money on lessons rather than a new driver.  Also keep one thing in mind – teaching professionals are like any other profession – not all of them are really good at it.  This can be a topic for another article.  Just remember that experience as a teaching professional is extremely important.  There are many, many great teachers that have never appeared on The Golf Channel.

If you are setting up the game and inviting others to play always pick an interesting and enjoyable golf course.  One of the great things about Savannah Lakes Village is that we are located about thirty minutes from Evans.  Far enough away for an outing, but close enough for drive time not to be a major factor and we can provide a great experience for you and your guests at very affordable prices.  You can check us out on www.playthelake.com.

SAM ADAMS is available to help with your game. He’s only a short drive away and hs great success improving the games of both men and women. The best way to reach him is at swadams@wctel.net. Also, please let him know if there are any topics you would like to see covered in future articles. You can also pick up some good tips on his radio segment Wednesday afternoons at 1:45 on The Buzz on Biz on 1630AM WRDW or www.wrdwam.com